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Harriet Small


Harriet Small has been married to Selwyn Small for over 37 years and she is the loving mother of one son, Kevin. Her vision for families, both in Barbados, regionally and internationally, is that they would experience God’s intent for the institution of the family. She wishes that persons would maximize the life that God has given, seeing what He has placed within them and within others as well. She provokes people to see themselves as successes and not failures, to face each situation that life would present and in the end, to choose life!


TECHNOLOGY & YOUR KIDS - Progress, Pitfalls, & Perils

Summer time has come and your children have loads of free time on their hands. What’s a parent to do, especially when our kids consume a lot of their time on the online playground. Here are some tips and informative links that were taken from our most recent episode with our Family Matters ‘Tech Specialists’, Dwayne Howard and Richard Carrington.

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